Sean Geiger

Financial Planning Specialist
Senior Vice President – Wealth
Financial Advisor



With over 20 years in the industry, as a wealth manager, I believe I offer both competent and professional advice.

By combining my knowledge of wealth management and desire to help people live more meaningfully, I have realized my professional and personal goals.

I believe a balanced life is the essence of happiness. As such, I’m dedicated to helping my community be a better place to live and work.

In my spare time, I enjoy helping the community as a youth coach on my children’s sports teams and being a current member of the local civitan. Recently, I was named “Man of the Year” by The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


I provide comprehensive wealth management advice. My focus is on how to help you grow, preserve and distribute your assets in the face of tumultuous financial markets and life-changing events. I can help you to seek a comfortable retirement, tackle long-term-care issues and reduce the impact of taxes and other factors that may erode your wealth over time.

Backed by the extensive resources of Morgan Stanley, I am committed to finding that unique combination of products and services that help you meet your goals.



    1) Set your investment objectives
    2) Define an investment strategy
    3) Evaluate and select investments
    4) Ongoing review process

Assembling the ideal mix of investments can be a difficult and time-consuming challenge. Small wonder that many investors rely on professional investment managers to tailor a separately managed account to their personal profile. A separately managed account typically consists of a customized portfolio of stocks, bonds or other assets managed on the investor’s behalf by a professional portfolio manager.

Because the investor directly owns all the underlying securities in a separately managed account, this type of investment potentially offers the opportunity to manage the timing of future tax liabilities, as well as other services tailored specifically to the investor’s needs.

With Consulting Group, one asset based fee covers personalized investment advice, transactions, reporting and account fees. That means no surprises; no added costs.