ELL (English Language Learner) Program

Dominion Trail Elementary

We will use the Really Great Reading program within our reading block with K – 2 students. It will be a 15-20 minute word work lesson to be taught just before a reading lesson with leveled reading books. This will help the students recognize phonemic sounds in order to become better readers. It will be used every day. The teachers in the K-2 classes as well as reading teachers will use the supplies to teach students in a small group setting. We will track student progress using data charts and AIMSweb resources that are free online in secure websites.

As ELL teachers, we are responsible for providing reading instruction to all 6 grade levels. We each meet with a group of students for 30 minutes 6 times a day. We need to be passionate about our program to have an impact on the students. We are solidly behind this program. If we can provide 15 minutes of word work/phonics/decoding instruction with the Really Great Reading program just before reading a book, we are confident this program will increase student scores