Giving all children in Loudoun County the opportunity to thrive.

Giving all children in Loudoun County the opportunity to thrive.


Through H4OC, children in Loudoun County will live better lives, through any or all of the following building blocks:

  • An equity of educational opportunities
  • Food security
  • Access to health and well-being support
  • Community network of guidance & support


We believe all children deserve an equal opportunity to succeed in life and the children of Loudoun County, Virginia are our top priority. We seek to work with communities and organizations as partners to support and promote the Loudoun County programs focused on feeding the bodies and minds of our community’s under-resourced children.

  • Help 4 Our Children, established as a grant-making entity, focuses on meeting the nutritional and educational needs of our County’s children. Too many children, through no fault of their own, are not getting the nourishment they need to unlock the doors to success and make it in life. We are passionately committed to righting this wrong by ensuring the community funding and resources are adequate to meet these growing needs.
  • Help 4 Our Children is committed to facilitating a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure all children, regardless of their background, have a pathway to succeed in life by matching organizations offering food and supportive services with additional financial resources to help those in need. Help 4 Our Children provides hope for the future, strengthens families, and promotes self-sufficiency.