On the Shoulders of Giants

Dominion High School
2014-2015 School Year

For the second school year, On the Shoulders of Giants received a $1,000 grant from Help for Our Children. The program at Dominion High School brings at-risk students together after school in a quiet setting to complete homework with the use of school computers. Students then enjoy a meal together. In addition to providing adult support from parent liaisons, teachers, and guidance counselors, the group also fosters peer support as students work toward the common goal of high school graduation.
So far in the 2014-2015 school year, the program has served 39 students. Project leader and DHS Parent Liaison Duke Butkovich provided the following comment on program progress so far this year: “We have seen an increased responsibility on the part of the students as far as coming to club without being chased, bringing in their permission forms, and working quietly during the club session. The teachers are letting us know that they are seeing a difference in homework completion and test scores. Perhaps one of our most notable successes from this group is a young man who has taken full responsibility for his grades and received A’s and B’s so far this year, did well in playing his first year of football, and is excelling in his career in wrestling.”

H4OC is proud to support On the Shoulders of Giants. The focused attention afforded to students who may otherwise disengage with school is making a difference in the Sterling community. Food, friendship, and accountability are improving the performance of these students one week at a time as they gather with the group.