On The Shoulders of Giants

Dominion High School

The “On the Shoulders of Giants” Club meets at Dominion High School every Thursday after school starting November 3, 2016. This is a club that provides a quiet place of study, needed technology, tutors, SOL preparation, project management, and dinner once a week for an hour after school. This is also an opportunity for getting to know the families of each member and their needs and for many, a place to enjoy a meal within a family like setting. Mrs. Duke Butkovich and Mrs.Taryn Simms are the sponsors and we have a community volunteer, a former student tutor, present students, tutors, and a teacher volunteer.

We recently celebrated our 20th year of working together as parent liaisons. For 13 of those years, we have kept this program going. Our former and present students organized a big dinner to say thanks and spoke of the impact of the club in their lives. One student, Mr. M, is now a successful HVAC manager in a large area company, is married with a beautiful daughter in first grade, and is a solid citizen giving back to his community and new country. As we got to know him years ago, we realized that he needed assistance with a misfiled residence application, he was living on his own and working every evening, needed clothing and food, etc. We were able to discover these things over dinner during the club. He is now an American citizen, graduated with honors from DHS, received his HVAC certification from Monroe Technology Center and was chosen most outstanding student that year. This is just one story of many that testify to the value of invested time and a good meal.