On the Shoulders of Giants

Dominion High School
2014 Spring

H4OC awarded its first grant in Spring 2014 in support of On the Shoulders of Giants.

This after school club provides a warm meal for students, a place to use computers, time to complete homework, and a network of support working toward success. The club boasts a 100% graduation rate for 2014. Meeting every Thursday, the club served 55 students with 25 of them attending regularly and many achieving perfect attendance.
The main goal of the club is to provide a network of support and a culture of success. Many of the students served work after school, and most do not hae access to a structured, quiet environment to complete homework. The club helps fill these needs. Additionally, the social support provided through the network of peers helps at-risk students make productive choices. Program leaders made note of one young man in particular who chose not to become involved in a gang because of the connections he had made in the On the Shoulders of Giants group.