Sean Geiger

Senior Vice President >



With over 25 years in the industry as a wealth manager, I believe I offer both competent and professional advice.

By combining my knowledge of wealth management and desire to help people live more meaningfully, I have realized my professional and personal goals.

I believe a balanced life is the essence of happiness. As such, I’m dedicated to helping my community be a better place to live and work.

In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering in the community and am a member of the local CIVITAN. I am one of the founders of the charitable organization Hel 4 Our Childreb. I was named “Man of the Year” by The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in 2010.


I provide comprehensive wealth management advice. My focus is on how to help you grow, preserve and distribute your assets in the face of volatile financial markets and life-changing events. My mission is to help my clients seek a comfortable retirement, tackle long-term care issues and help reduce the impact of taxes and other factors that may erode your wealth over time.